In order to open the door to people of all qualities, no one is given access to qualities higher than they can be counted on to not destroy. Higher accomplishments will be maintained and defended, in order to preserve them for those who come later.

In organizing access to what is best, is the Universal plan which we follow. There are nine circles, and only nine circles, and these are whole numbers only, no fractions, no decimals.

In our network plan, there are nine grades of access to quality.

This circles concept only handles access questions of all kinds. Those who have the highest degree of rights are able to enter the central circles. People gain or lose rights to enter inner circles based on their behavior and social skills. The more crude and ignorant one is, one cannot expect the invitation to experience the better places from the inside.

The question of circle (as well as type and lifestyle) always comes into it whenever the network is arranging transportation, housing, jobs, possible partnerships, and any other important life supply opportunity.

In time, very nice places will be available to most people, so that relative availabity of inner space will be partly a production question. People are noted to move up or down in level of access, depending on what is said about them.

Conscious civilized persons are allowed into the highest circles. Those who will make determination about which circle one is limited to are defined by Principals.

white circle - the ultra considerate
violot circle - conscientious, trustworthy
deep blue circle - non transgressors only
bright blue circle - kind and refined, reliable
green circle - all joining members start at this circle
yellow circle - generally working people, but they might break the furniture
pink circle - con men, fallen politicians
red circle - mobsters, plutocrats
black circle - confinement of the insane and/or violent, may be called "Zones of Oblivion" (Protected Sovereign Use on words, "Zones of Oblivion")

One can only visit places that are allowed to one's own circle and those lower. Private property laws also will continue to apply.

Chief Seattle said it best:
1/ Treat the Earth and those who dwell thereon with respect
2/ Remain close to the great spirit, higher better truer (we added the last part under council)
3/ Show respect for your fellow beings
4/ Work together for the benefit of all mankind
5/ Give assistance and kindness wherever needed
6/ Do what you know to be right
7/ Look after the well being of mind and body
8/ Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good
9/ Be truthful and honest at all times
10/ Take responsibility for your actions






USC Peace Authority