Chief Seattle cannot be hurt, from curses flung, nor from dirt. Chief Seattle cannot be owned, he owns his heart, his Soul, his home. Chief Seattle cannot be gainsayed - to do that wishes the gainsayers luck away. Morons who attack him will not get away, they fall into the pit he has prepared.




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Gopi Krishna



The scheming slimeball, aka Elchar, aka Andrew Smedley, who made himself out as usurper of USC, him I pointed out to the Palace Guard, and the Chiefs on July 15, 2004 Yellow Magnetic Star, him that planned coups and secured weapons and wheedled and deedled my money, is sentenced to Death for Treason. Scheming slimeball will be making a complete confession of all the transactions using USC currency to buy, sell, make or trade weapons, and this will be turned over to Vakari at Banque Gende. Scheming slimeball is to be depleted of any and all life-guaranteeing sacred paintings, types-computer pieces, and whatever else is keeping scheming slimeball alive. Scheming slimeball will begin making reparations payments for the many coup attempts he made against us, for jinxing everyone, for having hvasteropicio sent back, for trying to bring back tax and war to sell weapons, for killing Jesus, for killing my parents, and other crimes.

As I said, scheming slimeball is not ever allowed back into the USC Strategic Office (whatever it is called, that office that keeps, buys, makes offensive weapons) and those beings, whatever they are, that allowed scheming slimeball back in to the USC Strategic Office, are also sentenced to death.

All the offensive weapons the USC has ever had now are managed by TENDOVEQMZOMOWPeNm, Osho, and Chief Spokane [the real one].

Anyone taking a weapon or a weapons design out from the USC arsenal out to sell, illicitly, I blow to atoms and send their subatomic particles racing to far away parts. Anyone attempting to buy a weapon from the USC arsenal or USC owned design, what gets delivered to them blows up, is defective, unfathomable, inexplainable, unusable, not what they thought they were getting.


Those who carry out psych-ops against my rescue, that is, me from Ann Arbor, their banque balances fall to zero and stay at zero. They are maledicted, disintellectrified, and made to stay away. Expires after my successful rescue.