Its no secret that no taxes are paid in free issuance economies, which USC Currency is one of. The USC Currency plan, implemented, will cut the time that members have to work to pull their share of the world economic load, and that they will have more, easier, and have lots of spare time to use however they want.

The recent successful applications of theoretical Free Issuance prove that inflation is caused in a country which invades another and not because an authority issues money to motivate the execution of public works. Free Issuance is gradually burying Free Markets in wet concrete of new money issuances.

Dismal Economics confuted, the curtain of Babylon is rolling up so that regions of Sovereign Members who participate in USC Currency will have money issued to them.

Behold the Union of Sovereign Citizens a natural structure of regenerative government.

THE ISSUER, also QATROVIA guaranteeing money for 17% economic growth, by issuing money to every well researched business, enterprise, startup, house, and man; and stock at every company that wants it.

THE PRINCIPAL Well regulates the Militia; guarantees peace in the homes of the community. Puts only the objectively dangerous in jail.

THE ARTISTS OF PUBLIC SERVICE Organizes mass community movements using charisma, righteousness and money. An obliterate disgusting TV shows and commercials, selects principals for schools, ejects bad elected officials.

THE PROCONSUL Psychic Recognizer of Danger, always at hand for the Principals to consult, knows when and when not to sound the alarm.

THE COLLEGE OF THE RECOGNIZERS (COTR) The highest and most gifted psychics: appoint most of the USC positions, approve or deny membership in GENDEX BANK.

THE SUBCREATIONAL GODS Leading the masses of seeking people to objectively creditable means of enlightment.

Long lines to get basic things
Babylon TV
Police Brutality
Domestic Violence
Police Families
Mind Numbing Job Enslavement
Suburban Sprawl



Members of USC have money issued to them. In an intentionally structured USC economy, everyone obtains a job that is self enriching, helps the Earth and is self-satisfying to essence. If you think this is a new start, you probably are right.





USC Peace Authority






I have to warn you I have not received emails since 1999 due to interference from the insect hearted computers of the secretly deceitful proponents of old and bad dismal economics and all that came with it

The Union of Sovereign Citizens is founded entirely on ideas presented by Daniel Lexington to Zosquintelvio. Daniel Lexington came up with many of these ideas himself. Other contributors include Chief Seattle, Johnny Liberty, H. Lloyd Alexander, Frederick Mann, and his followers, and Michel De Nostradame.

Ben Franklin, may be the key founder of the United States, and trillions of others, I know not many names, have carried this program to the limits of the spiritual realms. One after another, the Sovereignty of gigantic organizations of matter came to the USC leadership. This is because our Commonwealth w/ Exchequer and something otherwise special is 9500 times better than the IMF, when implemented as it was averagely done on June 27, 2004 White Solar Dog.

As each new locale switched its Appointive Sovereignties about to the USC, envy and rage erupted in the IMF and other criminal organizations who asserted earlier that they were to be the economic authority. All they could offer to the people was a way to use them up, with their insect-hearted computers.

The IMF was not born here, nor was IBM, NBC, Microsoft nor MOTOROLA. Evil forces long ago set up a pattern that often caused the arisings of lying-professional amoral beings fit to suit their patterns. Factories of IBM, run by beings from the spirit dimensions and Alpha Centauri system were until recently involved in making robots to take over bodies of government officials. Other industrial facilities, particularly those in the spirit dimensions have made machines of warfare, conquering robots, psychological computers designed to swindle; many were treasonous lunatics by bent, virtueless, to send at material mortal populations of the planets and stars.

In 2004, With my associates in the Spirit Dimension, my economic system won over a million trillon worlds (http://www.autonne.org/spiritwar.html) My economic system (http://www.ellesys2.com) and international zone design (http://usc-currency.org) were accepted by the million trillion Spirit Enclaves and the worlds settled in light and life which are entirely telepathic, and influenced by the Spirit Beings.

Contrary to the lies of the IMF, Money issuance does not cause inflation. ELLESYS guides you to do it right. There are countless numbers of material beings, star beings, spirit beings, and others who are happy with the paradigm of Free Issuance.

When the war in the spirit dimensions came in 2003, beings of all sorts came forth to fight against the lying cheating IMF, which kept people from having money, defining them as “economic units” and using them up with insect-hearted computers.

I have 8 million shares in Gendex Bank and 5 Octillion USC Marks in dividends from the issuance of money, which I am credited with practically inventing for all the people of all the worlds settled in Light and Life. It has been only seven years since we won the war and Free Issuance took over on all the conscious worlds.

My ideas for UNION OF SOVEREIGN CITIZENS, ELLESYS, and GENDEX BANK have been proven by application, and the conscious beings of the Spirit Dimensions have told me of various adjustments, like the fact that farm workers get $8000/month because they are scarce: most people go to free college and take the high-paid half-time professional jobs.

It has been proven in higher worlds that 50% Subsidies for businesses lead to a 20 hour professional workweek and $80,000 annual salary. On mortal planets that use Free Issuance, there is 12% annual growth. There are also 12% of the population who are unemployed for whatever reason and they are taken care of with $16,000 annual welfare. By subsidizing all the businesses, prices for all things are kept low – a good cup of coffee is only 35 cents, a top line steak is only $3.50.

The Spirits and Material Beings who have taken up USC living are particularly happy with the election of the Principal, http://www.usc-currency.org/principals.html , which gave everyone domestic tranquility and eliminated brutal-tyrant rights-denying cops, and twisted vain wicked judges. The Principal keeps us safe and never steals justice.


Notes from the war in the Spirit Dimensions


THE FOUNDER AND THE ISSUER book by Daniel Lexington